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King Road Tower

King Road Tower is commercial and office building which is used to show commercials on it. On the walls of the tower commercials of different products are displayed. It's one of the major landmarks of Jeddah. The building also has a helipad on its roof
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Silver Sand Beaches

One of the most spectacular beaches in Jeddah to relax at without the hassles of a public beach. The beach is extremely clean with soft sand and cool blue water
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Makkah Gate

Makkah Gate is a historic place as well as a populous, business centre that is busy round the clock. Surrounded by mosques, it's the old headquarters of Saudi Airport. Bab Makkah is considered to be headquarters of trade with the whole Jeddah
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Fakieh Aquarium

First aquarium in Jeddah contains more than 7,000 marine animals of 200 species in 155 tanks and can accommodate 400 visitors. Traditional Hijazi music heralded the opening of the aquarium, which is seeking to emphasize the need to conserve environment and spread awareness of the rich marine life, especially on the Red Sea, through edutainment
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King Fahds Fountain

Jeddah's King Fahd's Fountain is a major landmark built in the 1980s and listed by the Guinness World Records organization as the highest water jet in the world at 312 meters. It can be seen from a great distance. The fountain was donated to the City of Jeddah by the late King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, after whom it was named. This 853-foot fountain is reputed to be the tallest fountain in the world, and is best appreciated when illuminated at night
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Balad Souk

Al-Balad in Jeddah is a bustling souk area, with a good balance of indoor and outdoor souk. More interesting is the outdoor covered souk area which is accessed through the restored gateway found to the right of the Queens Building
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